(vol. 29W, no. 10; newsletter by b.n.)
I remember back in the day when it wasn't a rare occurrence that #67 would put the puck in the net. Now? Well, now he finds himself on a line with Brooks and Craig and he can't even find his way onto the damn scoresheet. Talk about falling off the table. There used to be a time when he could turn the occasional hat-trick, gut now the closest he gets to that is when he writes three newsletters in-a-row (and even that is a challenge with Harris nagging him every day). But enough about #67 on to the game ...

The Pirates found themselves up against the Hocky Teem in the second round of the Playoffs. I vaguely remember us taking some kind of lead into the 1st intermission — maybe two or three goals. The Pirates, I know, had scored three times on goals by Craig (assist Brooks), Brooks (assist Gucci) , and Wildman (unassisted). As mentioned earlier, #67 didn't have a sniff.

During the final period we widened our aforementioned lead (I've forgotten exactly what that was). First, Wildman again scored unassisted followed by Craig's second of the night (assist Brooks). I do remember that Wildman had a great feed from Brooks on his goal, but Dave Kurasz refused to give him credit on the scoresheet, saying “It couldn't have been Brooks, he never passes.” Scott Miller closed-out the scoring, taking a pass from his brother to allow the Pirates to double-up their opponents 6-3.

And #67? It really looked like he had a chance to pick up a point in the final seconds when he took the puck down the left wing and pulled the defenseman and goalie to him. With a move harkening back to his heyday, he feathered a soft pass right to Dave Matthews' stick. Dave had the entire net to shoot at, but instead shot it into the goalie's pads — I guess that's why Dave is on defense. (Dave actually apologized to the goalie after the game for taking the shot in a game that was essentially over. #67 is still waiting for his apology.)
date of game: 5.16.07

WON 6-3


For the 2 goals.

For the 2 goals.

subbing at the last-minute and posting the Playoff win.