(vol. 29W, no. 4; newsletter by h.s.)
I should have known better.

That's what I was thinking the moment I hung up the phone with Brian and asked him to write the newsletter for the game. You see, I figured it would be nice to give Brooks a rest — after all, the guy has been doing double-duty on newsletter-writing for two seasons now and I thought he's earned a day off. So that's when I made my mistake and asked #67 to fill-in ...

The first inklings of my bad judgment came on Thursday morning when I emailed Brian and asked “Score?” His cutesy reply was “Nope.” Then, after soliciting the outcome from various Pirates I asked Brooks who had the stats — Brian did. So I asked him "Who scored our two goals?” His reply? “Not me.” Well, this witty banter is great for laughs, but doesn't really help keep the website up-to-date so I had to call the rink. Fortunately, Elle at the front desk showed true Pirate spirit and read me the game stats.

Ironically of all the emails being shot back-and-forth, most Pirates couldn't agree on the final score (it was 5-2 with an emptynetter by the Phantoms). As I played detective and attempted to piece together the game from the scoresheet and emails, I was able to deduce the following: Mike was AWOL, Joe Baio was filling-in for Chris; The Miller Bros. combined on the first goal in the 1st period (Evan from Scott), and Brooks (assist to Craig) scored the next one. The most telling part was how other Pirates described it to me: “Forgettable,” “Frustrating” and (my personal favorite), “We played like poop.”

So what have we learned? At a 3-1 record we learn that every team can have an off-night (we still have 24 goals in four games — not too shabby). More importantly, however, we must take from this game the lesson that #67 can never be trusted to write a newsletter again ... or maybe he was just being Brian.
date of game: 4.04.07

LOST 5-2


(none awarded)