(vol. 30W, no. 10; newsletter by d.c.)
editor's note: We are pleased to welcome back Doug Collimore to the newsletter-writing scene. Doug has a 3.00 g.a.a. and a 6-hour n.a.a. (newsletter-writing-average). As a special feature, Doug has also chosen our Silver Skulls for the night's outing.
Unbelievable night. Geriatrics against the Pirates — a replay of last season's Championship game. This time a grudge match in a consolation game.

Russ started the night off quickly with a goal against a rum-soaked Johnnie Arena. However, the decision by the entire Pirate team to pinch on the ensuing face-off, left me hanging as “Poor Billy” Vila came down on a breakaway and just put it between my blocker and leg pad to tie it not 2:00 minutes later. Then the gates started opening. Arena came out to play a slow puck and missed it for another Pirate goal. His miss made me stay in the net the entire night as I was not too sure I could catch up to anything on that crappy floor. It paid off as I stopped a bunch of breakaways. Another goal came after everyone touched the puck in the offensive zone, totally confusing the Gerry team. After a few lucky and unorthodox saves, it was 4-1 at the half.

Farrell almost put a save I made on another breakaway into the net in the second half, but by then everything was going our way and it remained in front of me. It was 5-1 when the Vilas came down together:“Poor Billy” came down the right side, made a perfect pass to his brother, which I actually got my blocker on ... Unfortunately it fell down between the legs and dribbled in to make it 5-2. Geriatrics couldn't tally anymore as LeMatty went end-to-end. Brooks had another goal and the final ended up being 8-2. It was an excellent effort by everyone.
date of game: 8.30.07

WON 8-2


For scoring first — getting the hattrick — and not scrapping with the refs once all night.

For his overall impeccable defense (and his almost-goal against me).


For laying on his butt all night, pinching when he shouldn't have, but otherwise playing better defense than he's played for me in years.

For performing his Brooks impression by going end-to-end with a bunch of dipsy- doodles (even though he had teammates open, he was going to put the puck in the net!).