(vol. 30W, no. 9; newsletter by b.n.)
After a season where the Coastal Pirates finished last in the “A” division, it was not a surprise that they faced-off against the No.1-seed in the Playoffs. Before game time against the Blackhawks (who had “mercied” us once and outscored us 13-0 in our two regular-season meetings), came an inspirational message from our new Alternate Captain, Gucci — reprinted here without permission:

Gucci's words (taken out of caps lock):
Tonight is the night that dreams are made of. We will be facing-off against the first place Blackhawks in the first round of the Playoffs, a feat not easily handled. Before I came to the Pirates association I had always admired the heart and soul that each player gave at every game and especially at the Playoffs. I often said that they are like caged animals: Don't put'em up against the wall because they will bite your head off. Now that I am a part of that genre I am proud to be going out tonight and putting my heart into tonight's game. I hope we can all band together and play like a team. We need to play a smart defensive game and get the goals when we can. I am looking forward to a great game tonight and I hope everyone brings there AAAAA game. Let's call it a Cinderella story if you will, but i know this team has the heart to make it happen. Remember: “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” It's not over till we say it is so lets go out and kick some asses.

The message apparently worked because the Pirates played one of their most inspired periods of hockey, trailing only 2-0 at the first intermission. Add to that the second B'hawk tally was an errant deflection off a forward's skate, and that the Pirates would score more goals (tallies by Brooks and Kevin) in the final 22:00 minutes than they scored against any “A” opponents for the entire season, and you had yourself a “Miracle”-in-the-making.

... But unfortunately, that is where this inspirational tale ends, because in the end it was just not enough. And in the end, those expecting to see a replay of the 1980 USA vs. Russia Olympic Semifinals game ... well, they had to wait until they got home to watch it on video.
date of game: 8.22.0


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LOST 8-2


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