(vol. 31S, no. 10; newsletter by brooks)
It's been awhile since I did a newsletter, but by popular demand (or Harris getting writers' cramp), I am back.

We had a great season, finishing second overall in the division with a 6-2 record. After a hard fought battle in the Semifinals, we found ourselves once-again facing the St. Pats. Although we split games with them during the regular season (winning the first one 7-6 in overtime), what most of us remember is the bad beating they gave us three weeks ago.

We had the usual cast of characters, and at the beginning of the game the line of Russ-Tim-LeMatty would take the opening draw. Things did not go well for us right away as the St. Pats were all over us early and took a 3-0 lead. It was looking like the 8-2 pounding all over again. But we would not let this one get out of hand this time. Gucci got it going for us when he made a brilliant end-to-end rush to make it 3-1 ... and we were off to the races. Brooks scored the next one to close the gap to 3-2 and with a powerplay opportunity in the final seconds of the period it looked like the Pirates might tie it up before the buzzer ... but it was not to be.

The Pirates would have to wait only :30 seconds into the next period, however, to get that game-tying goal by Brooks. And as Gucci said, “It's a new game now.” Although it seemed the momentum had shifted, the euphoria was short lived. The St. Pats would score a breakaway goal on the next shift to take a lead they wouldn't give up. We had chance after chance to put the puck in the net — including a scramble with the extra skater in the final seconds — but just couldn't convert. we played a great game, but time ran out on the Pirates season.
date of game: 12.09.07


On my flight back from West Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday to make our Finals game (yes, Russ isn't the only person who changes their schedule to make our games), this famous person was traveling First Class. I snapped this exclusive photo for the Pirates site as he quickly “scrambled” out of the terminal. Any guesses? Hint: The Jets could've used him later that day.
(Answer: “Broadway Joe” Namath)

LOST 4-3


For his great goal that lit a spark under the team. (editor's note: Gucci arrived so early for this game that he was actually able to take warm-up shots — a first!)