(vol. 31S, no. 2; newsletter by h.s.)
After a day (and night) of Pirate Festing, the Coastal Pirates struggled to assemble a squad against the newly-formed, eclectic Cannibals: Russ, Dan DiPierro, and Scott LeMatty were out of the line-up; Gucci and Tony were nowhere in sight; and Wildman and Kevin were delayed getting changed. The result was that the Men In Black had only four skaters for the opening 2:15-minutes, giving the Cannibals a free powerplay to start out the game. Once the latecomers had suited-up, one couldn't help but notice that the team looked a little ragged — most likely the lingering effects of too much dirty race and Heineken Light®.

Once the musical chairs on the bench stopped, the Pirates had eight men in the line-up: Ralz, Wildman, Brooks, Anthony, and Glenn Farkas up front; while rotating on the blueliine were the trio of Kevin-Gucci-Mike. The Cannibals were doing a good job of breaking out of their zone and were finally rewarded for their efforts at the 12:00-minute mark when a shot from the point was double-deflected by a pair of Cannibal forwards in front of the crease (it was actually a bit amazing). Some stellar goaltending by Piccolo at the far end proved the difference in the 1st period and those fine, young Cannibals went to the break with their one-goal lead.

Five minutes into the final period Tony (assist Brooks) evened things up 1-1. Unfortunately on the next play out, “The Guy in Grey Sleeves” caught everyone flat-footed and tucked a shot that just deflected off my wheel into the side of the net. The goal gave the Cannibals back their lead, 2-1. More disturbingly, I realized that “The Guy in Grey Sleeves” was, in fact, some sort of “Bizarro World Brooks”; for those of you unfamiliar with Superman, Bizarro World is the alternate universe where Superman's doppelgänger exists. The Cannibals' “Bizarro Brooks” was proving to the Pirates kryptonite: Not only did he look kinda like Brooks, and skate alot like Brooks, but he was winning face-offs like Brooks — unfortunately against the real Brooks. “Bizarro World Brooks” also possessed the same astute puck-passing skills as the real Brooks — meaning he would pretty much weave up ice and shoot whenever he had the chance. (note to Brooks: this is what happens when you don't write the newsletters you promised.) Fortunately, a few minutes later, the Pirates got a bit of help from the hockey gods: On a face-off down low, the Cannibals failed to put anyone in the face-off circle; (The real) Brooks casually gathered the dropped puck, put it on his forehand and rocketed a shot into the twine to knots things up at 2-2. Brooks told the Pirates at the post-game “meeting” that the shot was fairly easy because the goalie was so far out of position — “just like Harris always used to be.” (editor's note: touché, Bob.) That tally would be the first of four, unanswered goals: First, Kevin — looking like Tom Brady in the backfield — masterfully directed traffic on a delayed penalty before blasting home a goal; Then Brooks (assist Gucci) found the net again for his second of the evening; lastly, Glenn received a beautiful head-man pass up the side boards from Mike for the shorthanded goal with just over a minute remaining.

For the second week in-a-row, the Pirates stage a comeback victory. Let's just hope we don't meet
“Bizarro World Tony” next week ...
date of game: 10.14.07

Tip Tam Camping Resort, Jackson, was the site for this year's Pirate Fest. Gucci and Debbie were the outstanding hosts for event (assist to Kevin). The all-day affair brought 40 friends and family together for a day of eating, drinking and gambling. A giant inflatable skull greeted Pirates as they entered the campground —
that is until it began rolling down the street. Fortunately a neighbor called and the giant mascot was successfully retrieved.

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WON 5-2


For the GWG.

For his pair of goals (three if you include the one scored by the alternate-universe Brooks).

For hosting Pirate Fest II — and remembering to bring the leftover beer to the post-game “meeting.”

Scott LeMatty is on the D.L for six weeks with a torn ligament in his eye. He underwent surgery last week and — if given the green light by the team doctor — is tentatively scheduled to return to the line-up in time for the Sunday playoffs.