(vol. 31S, no. 3; newsletter by h.s.)
If someone was to tell me that on this seemingly harmless Sunday three bizarre events would occur, I would've doubted it. Keep in mind that not only have these never happened on the same night, but individually they've never happened at all in the history of franchise:
1) Brooks being absent for the second time in two games (another record for Bob!).
2) Mike getting thrown out of a game for calling the ref “a f-*#^*#&@(#@(#-bag.”
3) The aforementioned ref ending the game :40-seconds early due to complete chaos.

Let's start with #1: The Pirates had only nine men in the line-up for this lovefest due to the first unusual incident I mentioned above: Up front was Ralz, Farkas, Russ, Wildman, Tony and “MonaVie” DiPierro. Manning the defense was Gucci, Mike, and Kevin (subbing for the injured LeMatty).

The Bulldogs came out amazingly strong, scoring on a rebound in the aftermath of the first face-off. What I remember most about the goal was Russ saying “Well that was an inauspicious start.” He was correct. The bad omens continued as the Bulldogs scored twice more before the Pirates regained their composure. After compiling a comfortable 3-0 lead, the Pirates scored back-to-back goals: Kevin (no assist) and Farkas (assist Tony and Mike). After Glenn's score, the Bulldogs responded quickly and regained their 2-goal lead on the next face-off. The 4-2 score held at the end of the 1st period.

Before all hell broke loose, the Pirates seemed to have the Bulldogs on the ropes: First, Mike scored (assist Tony) to close the gap to 4-3. Once again, the Bulldogs responded with another goal, but Russ (assist Mike) swatted one from out of the air to narrow the gap yet again — making it 5-4. Somewhere about this time, Gucci went all “Glenn Farkas” on a member of the Bulldogs; while Vinnie (the 120-pound ref) attempted to restrain Gucci and place him in the box, Blum skated in front of him and was stirring-up the proverbial hornets' nest. Then the weird stuff really started happening: While scrapping for the puck behind our net a Bulldog did a one-handed swat with his stick that swatted Mike directly in the facemask with an audible crack; the ref immediately put up his hand, and I skated from the crease for the extra skater ... but that's when I realized that the Bulldogs had possession and the play was still going. I went back into the net and eventually the play was stopped and Mike was called for an unnamed penalty. Suffice to say that event #2 took place and Mike was able to begin the post-game “meeting” about 5:00-minutes early as he was thrown from the game. Things got even more confusing as neither team could understand how many people they should have on the rink and whether it was a 5-on-4 or 5-on-3. With 1:00-minute remaining, the Bulldogs added an emptynetter and the ref finally had enough and did #3 on our list.

The “Night of Firsts” continued in the parking lot:
4) Tim left the post-game “meeting” first. Another record!
date of game: 10.21.07

LOST 6-4


For a 3-point night. A feat he accomplished in the 39:00-minutes before he was “escorted from the rink.”

For our first goal.

For his pretty goal, but mostly for organizing the Señor Juan-Spring Lake Manor Cigar outing. (You probably recognize Señor Juan, below, from when he walks his dog past the “meeting.”)


A rare honorable mention Skull goes to the member of the Bulldogs' who pushed Tim down — out of harm's way — as another Kevin slapshot was destined for his head.