(vol. 32S, no. 10; newsletter by h.s.)
For the final act of the Sunday season the Pirates tried a new trick: Playing with no bench. Among the scratches (both legal and illegal) were Russ, Ralz, Craig Grinberg, Charlie Milo, and Wildman. Kevin even provided a new twist by being an “absent sub.”

Act One consisted of Dan DiPierro, Father Glenn Farkas (see below for details), Scott LeMatty, Gucci and Mike trying to hold off a pack of Jags that apparently weren't playing “consolation-type” hockey. At the end of the 1st period the teams were tied 1-1.

Act Two needed some drama so Gucci left, leaving the depleted ranks of the Pirates with four skaters. (He had a Playoff game in Aberdeen in case you were wondering.) Fortunately Brooks —who was in attendance but was reffing — decided to take some advice from Spike Lee and “do the right thing” and suited-up for the Men In Black. Dan's MonaVie was working well and he slid back to play defense in the Gucci void. Brooks quickly tallied two goals, but each time we took the lead the Jags were able to fight back — and eventually knot it up in the final 5:00 minutes.

Act Three began and while the ten Jags settled on their lines, the weary Pirates were fighting off rebellion as it looked like Mike not even come back out. His expression sort of said “You gotta be kidding me, we're playing a freakin' overtime for a Consolation game?!” and “I could have been drinking Coors Lights™ right now if I hadn't blocked that last freakin' shot they took on us.” Still, he along with the weary ranks came out, fought bravely and scored a dramatic overtime goal (Farkas) that left the Jags goalie frighteningly flattened in the crease with only :30 seconds remaining on the clock.

This story does have a happy ending: The goalie was OK, and Mike got his Coors Light™ at what goes down in Pirate history as the smallest post-game “meeting” ever.
date of game: 3.09.08

The Farkases have added to their roster: Cruz Farkas (at bottom) was signed to a lifetime contract by Glenn and Violet. Tattoo location on Glenn is tba.

WON 4-3 (o.t.)


Four Pirates played the entire game — including overtime — without ever once complaining (well, maybe Mike complained a bit). Still, we salute these modern-day Ironmen.”