(vol. 32S, no. 4; newsletter by r.n.)
editor's note: Cap'n Russ sent this from his Blackberry™ and we present it here in its original form, just as he filed it:
Ok..while driving..... Pirates had the usual fun and competitive battle w the jags on sunday... Big jon hoenge fillin in for the ailing 88 in the, wildman and craig on d..fwrd lines of ralz, russ, scotty and glen, bob, charlie.. The jags were led by a new recruit at center who proved to be quite an addition but in the end it wasn't enough to overcome the determined pirates.

There were moments of glory during regulation as craig got 2 goals and charlie and ralz played with what looked like extra jump but for the most part the mighty pirates looked like bunch of deckhands w scurvy. The lowlights were a series of bad changes while the puck was in the defensive zone, turnovers at our own blue line and penalties. The jag goals could be attributed to the lack of discipline by our skaters despite efforts by jon to preserve our numerous leads.

In the ot, gucci hit russ with a perfect pass as he broke from right to left and split the jag d for a breakaway. One of the jags hooked on for a ride and during the ensuing powerplay russ and lematty ganged up on 2 jags along the boards and won the puck which found bob brooks (switched to d for period 2) for his signature slapper and the game winner.

A gritty win for the MIB and hats off to the jags for their usual effort and competitiveness (except for 68 who is going to blow out one of our knees doing his imitation of a zamboni)

Respectfully submitted January 15 by 99

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date of game: 1.13.08

WON 5-4 (o.t.)


For his 2 tallies.

For the last-minute save by showing-up to sub, and the big “W” in net.

For good hustle (not to mention the first goal of the evening).