(vol. 32S, no. 5; newsletter by r.n.)
editor's note: is once again pleased to present another exclusvie installment of “The Captain's Log” — the Blackberry™-typed newsletter (raw-and-unedited) from #99 as he's commuting:
he pirates fought off some blood thirsty cannibals on sunday to post a convincing victory. Despite dominating play, the pirates had a mere goal lead at the intermission. Brooks got the tally on a slapper through a good screen in front of the net. The battles in the corners were won regularily by Tim, scott and dan while russ and bob were trolling for pucks in the slot. This resulted in lots of chances, but only one goal.

During the break, the black uniformed scallywags agreed that we needed to let the old rubber dabloon do a little more of the work and to use the defensive corps in the offense.. The result..oh the result. For the next 17 minutes or so the pirates put on an exhbition of passing and smart play rarely seen in the waters of piratehood. Led by mike and wildman, passes were hitting sticks like gucci stuffs twenties in slot machines! We scored a few goals and were feeling pretty good about ourselves. Brooks even got his hat on a deflected shot that hit the back of one cannibal the skate of another and then found the bewildered keepers five hole. but..that's not the whole story Then there was gucci........ Moving like a great machine reminiscient of secretariat in the 73 Belmont, our triple crown winner netted a hat trick with his usual unique brand of power and finesse. He is something to behold when making those Orr-like rushes.

Of course no pirate game is complete without some foolish turnovers and attempted stat padding, so we reverted to our usual style and left the previously lightly tested 88 to try to thwart cannibal advances during the final 5 minutes. They netted a few but the result was never in doubt. In the end, the victory was sweet and the cannibals left hungry despite their admirable efforts.

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date of game: 1.20.08

WON 8-4


For getting the hattrick (his 2nd all-time) with :01 remaining.

For getting the hattrick (his 17th all-time).

For subbing on 2 hours notice, making a couple of great blocks and getting a couple of assists.