(vol. 32S, no. 8; newsletter by h.s.)
For our final regular-season game we faced a team that rivals the “Tile Cutters” for snappiest name. The game itself proved meaningless for both squads (we had secured a Playoff spot and would face a 6-2 team regardless, while the L.S. would finish out of contention) Still, the outing was an intense, fiercely fought battle. In our previous game back in week #2, we edged L.S. 9-7; this game also would have a high score — so high, in fact, that the L.S. accounted for 12 of 35 goals we surrendered all season! Given that stat, it's amazing that the L.S. not only failed to qualify for the post-season, but finished in the lowly sixth spot in our division.

The Pirates trailed for most of the game, but consistently tied it up to keep the game close. Brooks scored the first two Pirate goals (assists Baio, LeMatty), but at the break the Pirates trailed 4-2.

The final 22:00 minutes, however, were owned by the Men In Black as we outscored the tiring L.S. by a 5-1 margin. LeMatty (assist Gucci) and Wildman (assist Grinberg) would knot it up 4-4, before Brooks (assist Ralz) gave the Pirates the first lead of the night. The goal gave Brooks his history-tying hattrick — a mark I'm thankful he achieved, since he was denied in a series of two-goal games and it was starting to get that “follow Mark McGuire to every ballpark until he finally hits the freakin' homeroom to tie the record” feel to it.

After the L.S. tied it back up again, Glenn Farkas — who by the time you read this may be a proud father again — gave the Pirates the 6-5 lead again (assist DiPierro). Finally, though, it was a shot by Charlie Milo that ended any L.S. comeback effort by giving us the two-goal lead late in the period (assist Ralz).

Although the Pirates ended the season with a big win, we lost a John “Wildman” Cassens to bigger injury. (See “Injury Report” for the full story.)
date of game: 2.24.08

WON 7-5


For the GWG goal.
(Be sure to ask'em to see his new “ink” commemorating his son, Lucas.)

For the hat.

For the insurance goal and several blocked shots.

John “Wildman” Cassens will be watching the post-season from sidelines. Here's what happened in his own words: “Went to block a shot, thought that from my distance to the shooter the shot would have risen a bit, but it stayed right at the height of my ankle bone, direct hit on the knob of my ankle, and the shot bounced back behind the shooter. Fracture of the ankle bone out 6 weeks, although I can't rule out taking a shift or two in the Playoffs, want to be on the ice at least once when we win the Cup this year!”