(vol. 32W, no. 8; newsletter by r.n.)
editor's note: Another installment of “The Captain's Log” — the Blackberry™-typed newsletter (unedited) from #99:
Some nights you hang around, fight and claw and hope to get a late goal for a victory, usually the script for Pirate hockey against the better teams. Other nights you just blow opportunity after opportunity and let the other guys hang around. With the help of some stellar goaltending from the new Jags keeper and the addition of Brian Schueleter to their lineup, the Jags did the fighting and the clawing and stuck around.

The Pirates scored some very nice goals on the night, they needed them as the Jags tender stopped a number of point blank shots after beautiful setups. Even the presence of Bob Brooks, denying a visit to the IR List to allow his stitches to heal, couldn't fully jump start the CPH offense.

The first Pirate goal was a thing of beauty. Brooks crossed the blue line, dropped the puck to Scott Miller who hit brother Evan as he cut to the net and beat the sprawling tender. The second goal was a little less pretty and a little more workman-like, Russ was fore checking when he deflected a pass and took the puck to the left corner. Scott LeMatty cut right to the net and Russ saucered a pass over a defenseman's stick and Scott's persistence paid off when he scored on his second swat at the bouncing puck.

In the second Period, The Pirates made a few lapses that cost us goals. Harris came up big on a few occasions including one save that had him finding a way to pin his leg to the left post while falling to his right and trapping the puck. Given that Harris and Gucci were flush with their new found Super Bowl pool cash, they played pretty well despite the distraction (No collusion or anything). The Pirates third goal was scored by Russ as he took a shot off a Brian face-off win that the keeper kicked out and Russ beat the keeper and defenseman to the loose puck. The Jags tied the game late after some sloppy play by the Pirates.

In OT, the Pirates buzzed, taking the play to the Jags from the drop of the puck. After a few good chances early in the OT, Scott Miller retrieved the puck in the right corner and fired it across to Evan in the slot who brought the game to an abrupt end with a quick release shot.

The pregame banter was flying around with unusual bravado. I am not sure if it was the testosterone from the Giants fans or the declaration by Bob Brooks that he was already the ugliest guy in the league so there really wasn't any need for him to wear a shield. No matter what the cause, it was fun. The team meeting was also very well attended for a late night game.

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date of game: 2.04.08

WON 4-3 (o.t.)


For two tallies including the game-winning, overtime-winning goal.

For his two helpers on brother Evan's goals.

For his first goal with his new pretty, yellow stick.