(vol. 33S, no. 1; newsletter by h.s.)
The Pirates had ten skaters for the first game of the new Sunday season, but it was a vastly different crew from years gone by. With prominent departures (Brooks), re-arrivals (Tony Tosacno), 1-season extensions (Charlie and Craig), and off-season signings (Joe Lyden), it was safe to say “this was not your father's Coastal Pirates.”

Up front Captain Russ centered Scott LeMatty and Dan DiPierro, while Glenn Farkas played in-between Charlie Milo and Tony. On defense, Joe (Baio) who was subbing for Ralz, partnered with Kevin, who was subbing for Gucci; while Joe (Lyden) teamed with Craig Grinberg as the other defensive tandem. In attendance was Wildman who had recently survived both a fractured bone and Bear Stearns.

Before the game began Scott LeMatty commented on our eclectic crew: “We've got a good team here.” Then, as I began to skate away, he added “They've got a team too.”

The Ducks have given us a hard time lately and they drew first blood when they capitalized on a 2-on-0 breakaway at the 17:00-minute mark. Halfway through the 1st period they doubled that lead off a one-timer worked from behind our net. A few minutes later though, Scott LeMatty cut that lead in half when he worked the puck low past the previously impenetrable Jon Hoenge (assist by Russ). Another notable play in the period was Charlie's “signature” point-blank blocked shot. The Ducks would hold the 2-1 lead to close out the period.

Unfortunately for the Men In Black this was an “on” game for the wall that would be known as Jon Hoenge. Sporting his newly-eBayed questionably-legal legpads, he was stopping Pirate shots left and right (literally). At the 7:00-minute mark however, Kevin would at last knot things up 2-2 (assist Baio). The tie would be short lived though as The Ducks found the twine on the next shift out for what would become the gamewinner.

Although not the outcome the Pirates would've wanted to start the season, our entire squad showed it's going to play right down to the wire ... literally. For the final :20 seconds we had seven guys on the ice.
date of game: 3.30.08

LOST 3-2


For the tally.

For the tally.