(vol. 33S, no. 4; newsletter by h.s.)
The Coastal Pirates came out swinging for their game against the Jags and within 25:00 minutes the game was over — the second fastest“Mercy” in Pirate history. (For those of you who are trivia buffs, the fastest was at 17:35 vs. Gerrys back in 2007.)

Here's how it went down: For the third straight game, newly-signed defenseman Joe Lyden scored a goal on his first shift. Kevin (subbing for Ralz) would streak down the ice for a pretty give-and-go (assist Russ) to give the Pirates the 2-0 lead. Before Kevin's shift ended he added a second goal (assist Dan) to give the Men In Black a three goal lead — all this happening before the 18:30-mark. After that barrage by our blueliners, the Jags did get on board off a breakaway when their forward, who we'll call Tall-Guy-with-Very-Quick-Hands (TGWVQH) put one over my shoulder to cut our lead to 3-1. Fortunately the Pirates answered that goal with more offense as Captain Russ, LeMatty (assist Farkas), and Kevin (assist Russ) all found the twine before the first buzzer to give the Pirates a 6-1 lead at the break.

Glenn Farkas would get the festivities started in the final frame (assist Lyden), but the Jags would again capitalize on a breakaway by TGWVQH. I'm pleased to say that after that goal,
TGWVQH would be shutdown on his next four attempts by our Henrik Lundquist-type netminder. The Pirates weren't finished yet though, as the Pirates tallied the next three to complete the eight-goal “Mercy” barely 5:00-minutes into the period. The goals, in order of disappearance into the net, were: Joe Lyden (assist Dan), Dan (assist Kevin), and Tony (assist Kevin).

The teams continued to play the remaining 15:00-minutes with the scoreboard off, but that
didn't stop the Pirate feeding frenzy as we must have tallied at least a half-dozen more times. Some other notable occurrences on this night: Key defensive plays by Farkas and great hustle by Charlie Milo. Bizarrely as it may seem though, even with the big win somehow Gucci finished the night with a -7 plus/minus. Go figure.
date of game: 4.20.08

WON 10-2


For the hat — the 10th of his Pirate career. This moves him past Jimmy Ferraro and into sole possession of the 3rd place spot.

For setting the tone early ... again.

For his 3-point night.