(vol. 33W, no. 8; newsletter by h.s.)
Some quotes from the post-game “meeting”:
Russ: “That was the worst display of hockey I have ever witnessed.”
Gucci: “That didn't go so well did it?”
Wildman: “I thought our defense did a great job of passing ... to the other team.”

That should give you a pretty good idea of how things went down in the final game of the season. We did have a few goals — Baio, Newcomb and Scott Miller. (Incidentally, Scott Miller won the scoring title and he tied with Russ and Kevin for the Richard Trophy.)

Looking at the glass half-full, I can proudly report that the Pirates fought off back-to-back “Mercys” in the last two weeks. Still, if you'd rather purge your mind of the last 8 weeks playing in the “Gold” division then just stare at the image below, click you heels and say the following: “There's no place like the the B-division, There's no place like the B-division ...”

date of game: 4.23.08

LOST 10-3


(none awarded)