(vol. 34S, no. 1; newsletter by r.n.)
Another installment from the Captain ...
“The Pirates pillage the Sunday Jaguars for the first of two shutouts against that rival.” (This report provides a little foreshadowing of the Wednesday 3-0 whitewash of the Jags because I have been too busy and then too lazy to write the summary! A few Michelob Lights may have contributed to the malaise.)

So going way back to last Sunday, the M.I.B. had Harris back in net and a full crew with super-sub Charlie Milo in for Dan. I opened the scoring on a one-timer on a sharp feed from Scott L. that wouldn't have broken a pane of glass but beat the Jag netminder through a screen and the game was over. Other than a few turnovers that lead to shots on goal, this was a pretty dominating performance. The 1st period was really well-played by both sides and the Jags did their best to stick with us — they played hard and hustled.

Unfortunately for them, someone stuck something in our water during the break and the seahags that we are looked more like we were performing water ballet — rather than gathering loose dubloons, as is our usual act. The passes were being flung around the rink in unprecedented fashion for the old club and it resulted in the flood gates opening on the bewildered Jags. Kevin and Gucci hit players with a number of sharp headman passes and Tony's slick puckhandling set up a number of good chances including a nice goal by Joe. As usual Tim, Glenn and Charlie played like it was the seventh game of the Stanley Cup and steamrolled folks. Glenn injured his knee early on and at last report he says he will reboard the ship after a 1-week hiatus. I have been playing with Glenn for about 10 years and he bounces back up like a 14-year-old usually, so the ol' Cap has to admit he is a bit concerned about that knee.

The Mercy Rule was invoked at 20:59 of the final Period.

The Pirates are going to be mighty tough this Summer with the addition of ultra-slick Marty as our new (sub) forward. For those who have not played with him, he's not flashy, but is always open — so keep your head up and find him, he has a very quick release on his wrist shot and together with Tony, Kevin and Joe filling the net we should be a force.

For those who play both nights, it was nice to see the smart play carry over to the Wednesday game against the more powerful Wednesday Jag crew with the help of some solid netminding.

Attendance (players): Russ, Glenn, Tim, Lyden, Toscano, LeMatty, Mike, Kevin, Gucci, Charlie Milo (sub), Marty (sub). Net: Harris
Scratches: Dan.
Scoring: 1st period: 2-0 Pirates: Goals by Russ (LeMatty); Lyden (Tony). 3rd period: 8-0 Pirates: Goals by Tony (Kev); Marty (Gucci); Marty (Russ); Kev (Russ); Kev (Mike); Kev (none), mercy at 20:59.
*The accuracy of these stats are not guaranteed since they have not been reviewed by Brooks.

date of game: 6.29.08

WON 8-0


For the hat — scoring the last three Pirate goals in-a-row.

For two goals and about 10 more “posts.”

For a 2 shutout week.
(I guess the vacation worked.)