(vol. 34W, no. 5; newsletter by b.n.)
It's not everyday that we play on a Monday night.
But then again, it happens often enough that it doesn't rank up there with truly unique events like: Finding gas for under $3.90/gallon ... Dave Matthews having nothing to say on any particular subject ... or Jimmy Ferraro showing-up out of the blue and paying off his “fines.” But lately, it seems like you could add one more to the list of “once-in-a-lifetime events”: #67 putting a puck in the net. But I digress.

I heard that Harris has been busy on the phone lately. It seems that Ted Thompson, the general manager of the Green Bay Packers has been calling him constantly, seeking advice on how to handle the sudden “un-retirement” of Brett Favre. (Apparently Ted is a fervent visitor to the Coastal Pirate website — who knew?) Anyway, Ted is familiar with the retirement of Scooby, from the Coastal Pirates (and his subsequent un-retirement), as well as the departure of Bob Brooks (who said he was going to take time off to ref, only to suddenly appear on the roster of Team1 on Sunday nights). So it should be no surprise that the Green Bay Packers have announced that Brett would be welcomed back in a back-up role, but as far as being released and end-up playing for Chicago or Minnesota? Not a chance!

As far as the game goes, The Hurt came out strong, looking to put a hurtin' on the Pirates. But the Pirates dished-out their own pounding, with 1st period goals by Kevin and LeMatty. The final period saw another goal by Kevin .... and then a pair by #67 .... huh...

Defense had a strong night too with Harris pulling-out the shutout (after surviving one final scare with :35 seconds on the clock).

Attendance (players): Brian, LeMatty, Gesior, Dave, Mike, Kevin, Gucci, Wildman, Joe Baio (sub), Marty (sub). Net: Harris
Scratches: Russ, Scott Miller
Scoring: 1st period: 2-0 Pirates: Goals by Kevin (LeMatty); LeMatty (Mike); 3rd period: 5-0 Pirates: Goals by Kevin (none); Newcomb (Baio); Newcomb (Baio).
*The accuracy of these stats are not guaranteed since they have not been reviewed by Brooks.

date of game: 7.07.08

WON 5-0


For the 2 tallies.”

For playing up ... and playing back (good 2-way play by Dave). And for bringing the vintage Schlitz — which goes on record as being the first beer Kevin has ever spilled-out at a “meeting.”

For a 2 shutout week.