(vol. 34W, no. 7; newsletter by b.n.)
Somebody in the Coastal Pirate hierarchy needs to be fired ... well maybe not fired.

Probably just fined. Why you may ask? Well, before I answer that, please let me just state for the record who it should not be. Like LeMatty. It seems like just yesterday when he was working for the Asbury Park Press, now he seems to have his sights set on acquiring it, but before he does that, he has to do the whole winery thing. But like everything else, that is another story. As I was saying, it could not be LeMatty, because now that he he has him own magazine (and a company truck) he must be doing quite well for himself because he brought quite a fine sampling of beers to the “meeting.” Was he paying off a fine? I don't think so. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he could now write off that $4 a gallon gasoline he puts in his truck as a business expense ... or maybe he is just a really nice guy (but that goes without saying).

And Kevin ? Nope it wouldn't be him. (Never mind the fact that #67 was sitting in front of the net wide open waiting for a pass, looking to extend his consecutive goal-scoring streak, when Kevin took it himself for the score). There can be no denying the fact that Kevin's goal-scoring streak is much longer than #67s and, as always, there is no guarantee that one of these things wouldn't have happened:
a) #67 wouldn't have been able to handle the pass had, in fact, it been delivered.
b) If #67 had received the pass that Kevin had not made, #67 would have missed the net (just ask #32).

Nope, I find it quite amazing that like a chess player, Kevin can not only skate through 5 or 6 players, he can also think one or two passes ahead ...

Some might think it would be Bob Currao. You know, if you were #67 you would have been pretty embarrassed when he told Marty (or maybe it was the other new guy — Harris will of course insert his name in place of the words “the other new guy” to prevent #67 from the embarrassment of not remembering who the other new guy is.
(editor's note: Ooops, sorry about that Brian!) So ref Bob says: “Don't pass to this guy,” referring to #67 as he dropped the puck on one of the face-offs. Bob continued, “The only time he scores is when he is falling down or diving on the ground.” Well for one night Bob was right.

Any way Mike Farrell? You know, I did tell Mike that I was going to write the entire newsletter about him. Well, I lied.

No, I think it is Wildman that should be fined. Apparently he was aware before that game that there was some consecutive scoreless streak on the line before the game and he failed to alert anyone else to this fact. And so, instead of playing the “Left Wing Lock” that would have assured that the scoreless streak continued, we played our normal “West Coast-style Bandwagon” hockey, that lit up the scoreboard ... but also ended the Sunday-Wednesday scoreless streak at 224-minutes (just a bit over five straight games).

Guess Wildman will be bringing the beer next week.

p.s. Mike says he wants Landshark.

Attendance (players): Brian, LeMatty, Gesior, Dave, Mike, Kevin, Gucci, Wildman, S. Miller, Marty (sub). Net: Harris
Scratches: Russ
Scoring: 1st period: 4-2 Pirates: Goals by LeMatty (Gucci); Mike (Kevin); Kevin (none); Mike (Gucci); 3rd period: 8-3 Pirates: Goals by S. Miller (Gucci, Kevin); Marty (Milo); Mike (Harris); LeMatty (Gucci, S. Miller).
*The accuracy of these stats are not guaranteed since they have not been reviewed by Brooks.

date of game: 7.23.08

WON 8-3


For the hat.

For his 4-point night and anchoring the defensive corps.

For his is 2-goal outing and continuing his streak of bringing top-quality brews to the post-game “meeting.”