(vol. 35S, no. 4; newsletter by r.n.)
On Saturday afternoon, “Piratefest3” was hosted by the “Belmar Commissioner of Tourism” Scott LeMatty in his palatial two-family estate along the majestic shores of the Shark River. Pirates and Pirate want-to-bes young and old traveled to the seaport by the blue tank to partake in food from around the world and from local delis (I want the picture of Danny carrying in his platter as a permanent fixture on our website). Grog and cheep beer was had by all but the very young who drank some sugary stuff which caused them to play with balls on strings. In other words, it was an unmitigated success as no DWIs have been owned up to as of the writing of this newsletter.

There was no sign of hangovers from the Pirates when they moved the party westward and gathered on the tiled oval of GoodSports on Sunday evening. A matter of fact, the Captain has even suggested that a Saturday party will be required each week to stimulate performances such as the one put forth by the MIB on Sunday eve. The longtime, friendly foe Jaguars and poor Brian Newcomb were the recipients of the best display of hockey by the Pirates this year. Brotherhood was the theme as pass after pass traveled from taped stick to taped stick and eventually into the netting of the the bewildered Jag keeper. As always, the Jags showed their class by working hard even after the scoreboard was shut down after reaching eight-nil. There were just too many great goals to mention them all, but I believe on one goal all six Pirates may have touched the puck in succession. That goal was scored into an open net when Tony received a pass across the mouth of the net from Jay who had received a prior pass from Kevin. I believe that both Dan and Gucci may have won the puck and headmanned it respectively, but if I'm wrong who's gonna frickin' care anyway. I'm sure Harris touched it too and that makes six. (Brian, don't send some stupid note that I don't know the difference between five and six. And what was your lame excuse for missing the party anyway?) Nevertheless, It was a very nice goal.

“Piratefest3.5” was held in the parking lot after the game on the back of the commish's pickup. I know it saved me a trip to Wendy's for “Coach Ryan” and Vic and for that I am grateful. Of course, Gucci is still pissed no one made it to A.C. to aide in the “collections run,” but there is a chance he might be going back soon so if you are interested give him a call.

Lastly, I have had a few shots from Danny, Mike, Gucci and Kevin whistle by my head over the past few months, I hope the deer and the women are as lucky this weekend when the great Pirate hunters travel to the frozen tundra of upstate New York. Great weekend!

Attendance (players): DiPierro, LeMatty, McLaughlin, Gucci, Farkas, Nicolosi, Serkin, Toscano, Hand, Farrell. Net: Harris.
Scratches: none.
Scoring: 1st period: 4-0 Pirates: Goals by McLaughlin (none); Farkas (Serkin); Toscano (Serkin, McLaughlin); Farkas (LeMatty). 3rd period: 8-0 Pirates: Goals by LeMatty (Farkas); Farrell (Harris); McLaughlin (LeMatty); Serkin (Toscano), mercy at 10:09.

date of game: 10.19.08


The 3rd Annual PirateFest was held last week in Belmar. City officials say nearly 40 Pirates and their families converged onto the premises — briefly violated the town's noise ordinance with Russ' nano — and ate, drank and played lawn golf (which Gucci parlayed into about $12 profit). Kudos to Scott LeMatty for a wonderful job hosting this annual gathering.

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WON 8-0


For a 3-point game (but more for hosting this year's PirateFest!).

For his pair of goals.

For a spectacular defensive outing (I think he blocked more shots than either goalie).