(vol. 35W, no. 7; newsletter by b.n.)
I think at this point, it is time to start facing the facts ...
Like: Dave Matthews is not really a chiropractor.
And: Even though the stock market went up 500 points today, don't get too excited because it's just going to go down 600 points tomorrow.
Lastly: Even though Bob Currao was listed as a scratch in this game, you can pretty much rest assured that he was never really on the roster to begin with. It was just a myth perpetrated on the Coastal Pirate Nation by forces beyond our control. Heck, we got a better shot of seeing Sarah Palin drop the puck before one of our games than we do of seeing Bob Currao on a Wednesday Night anytime soon. So with that said, the Coastal Pirates welcomed back Nick Campanale for the night to “sub” for Bob Currao. (Or if we want to get technical, perhaps Nick was filling in for Gucci while the spot that was originally Mike Farrell's — and then “filled” by Bob Currao — was left vacant for the night ... much like the spot itself).

The Pirates found themselves up against Team One who came into the game sporting a 5-0 record. Those five wins happened to match the number of skaters they had as they stepped onto the floor playing “iron man” hockey.

The 1st period was a hard-fought battle as both teams emerged from the period with two goals (Pirate goals were from Marty and Kenny). Unfortunately for Team One, they didn't emerge intact; apparently Scott Miller's final shot of the period somehow knocked the Team One goalie out of the game. So while the Pirates all sat around waiting for the goalie for the next game to get dressed, Team One did something else — they rested themselves for an extra 14:00-minutes as they prepared for another period of “iron man” hockey. And what originally looked like a negative for Team One ended-up being a positive as they were able to score an additional three goals (including a pair by Sunday Pirate Jason Serkin) in the final period, while their fill-in goalie held the Pirates scoreless.

Oh well, the schedule should get easier from here ... next week its the Buckshot!

Attendance (players): Matthews, Cassens, Newcomb, LeMatty, Miller, Maccanico, Genalo, Campanale (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: Gucci, Currao
Scoring: 1st period: 2-2 Tie: Goals by Maccanico (LeMatty); Genalo (none). 3rd period: 5-2 Team One.
date of game: 10.22.08


The Coastal Pirate-sanctioned “trick-or-treat” loot bags were put into production this weekend. The tradition stretches back a few seasons and this year's stash offers both the necessary foodgroups for youngsters: chocolate & toys. They will be distributed at the Sunday & Wednesday games during Halloween week.

LOST 5-2


(none awarded)