(vol. 36S, no. 1; newsletter by j.c.)
Since getting booted-off the Sunday Pirates due to an injury settlement, Sundays have been very tame around the Wildman homestead.

I knew something was different when I went into Home Depot and ran into Scooby. He has been busy doing underwater welding/repair of cargo ships and hasn't been available to substitute. I told him about the over-40 league on Sunday mornings if that helps with his “on call” schedule and we parted ways to complete shopping. Later in Barnes & Noble — about 30 minutes before gametime — Harris called and informed me that I have been removed from the Sunday P.U.P. list (Physically Unable to Perform) and activated to play in Sunday's game. I have to admit that NFL football, chores around the house, shopping trips, etc, have not filled the void left from missing Sunday hockey.

No U.F.O. or aliens — I have to attend the Newcomb school of journalism because that was the worst filler paragraph I have ever read.

I'll try again .... Pirates jumped all over the Pats like beer on March 17th. Speaking of 17, Wildman was activated off the P.U.P. list (Physically Unable to Perform) for Sunday's Game. The 1st period had the Pirates cycling numerous times in the St. Pats' end. Both Pirates lines (Tony-Jay-Wildman and LeMatty-Russ-Farkas) applied extreme pressure and peppered the Pats' goalie with lots of shots. Tony drew three defenders to the corner, sneakily looked down at his feet for awhile until the defenders all drew towards him, then saucered a perfect pass cross-ice to Wildman who was streaking in from the point for the one-timer. That was the only tally of the 1st and the Pirates were leading 1-0 at the break.

The 2nd Period was more of the same: Excellent passing and forechecking and lots of scoring chances. But still the St. Pats' goalie played a strong game and stopped most of the onslaught including shots from the point, wraparounds, deflections, and odd-man rushes. Jay (a.k.a. Jason) fed a nice pass to Tony for the second goal at the 11:00-minute mark, which iced the victory.

Not mentioned in the prior paragraphs was the excellent work of the defense — Joey, Kevin, Gucci, and Mike Farrell — who not only shut down the Pats attacks, but broke us out with nice passes and skated us out of our end when we had trouble clearing the zone. Harris stopped all the shots and we left the rink with a shutout.

Attendance (players): Toscano, Serkin, LeMatty, Gucci, Nicolosi, Farrell, Farkas, McLaughlin, Cassens (sub), Baio (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: DiPierro, Hand.
Scoring: 1st period: 1-0 Pirates: Goal by Cassens (Toscano). 3rd period: 2-0 Pirates: Goal by Toscano (Serkin).
date of game: 12.14.08


We've always been curious as to just exactly what John does for a living. Although he's always claimed to work on Wall Street, we now have obtained photographic evidence to the contrary. This exclusive image was shot in the Home Depot parking lot in Neptune last week. This photo (and the fact that Wildman himself mentioned Home Depot in his newsletter above) proves that if he is working on Wall St., then he's not programming — he's spackling.

WON 2-0


He subs, he scores! (And writes the newsletter to boot.)

For toughing it out and playing with a mangled, tendon-damaged finger (suffered in last week's game). And a terrific clear in the waning moments to preserve the shutout.

For career shutout number 50 — just 54 shy of breaking Terry Sawchuck's record.