(vol. 36S, no. 10; newsletter by a.t.)
Even after my long-winded rant that truly had nothing to do with the game last Sunday, I have been asked to do another newsletter. I must admit that I had spent most of my thoughts for this on a rebuttal to an anticipated #67-ripping that never really came ... so now I must do an actual recap of the game. In an effort to make this as professional as possible, I decided to study the most recent writings of our renowned Wednesday team writer. I mean, if I am to be any good at this at all, I got to emulate someone straight from the top, right? Upon reading, I noticed his writing style was about ... strangely ... himself?! I mean thank goodness, otherwise I would of never known how much of an impact his falling down obviously had on the game! But I digress ... This letter is about Sunday's Consolation game against the St. Pats and to make sure I do this the best I can I am going to do it in a #67 writing style to honor his abilities.

Coming into the game the St. Pats and Pirates had both come off Playoff losses. The game was played for pride at least, if nothing else. The first strike came from a Glenn Farkas goal that was a result of great positioning and relentless hustle. I couldn't of done it better myself. I was on the bench at that time cheering Glenn on and telling him to get in front of that net — so assist to me. The second goal came soon after from Russ off a great pass by Scotty; Russ took the pass in the high slot and smacked it over the goalies' blocker and into the back of the net. Again, I was on the bench, but when Scotty had the puck I yelled “Pass it to Russ, pass it to Russ!" and then he did. So that was Russ on the goal with the assist to Scotty ... and me.

The game itself was dominated by the Pirates all night with great passing (especially by me) and an even greater hustle, which resulted in our third goal — by me. I'm serious, this one was actually me on a breakaway. I can't really add much more than that, but it was definitely me that put it in to make it 3-0. Towards the end of the 1st period, the Pirates extended that lead with a phenomenal give-and-go play by me (and Jay) ... but mostly it was me. I practically banked-it off Jay into the opposing net, even though it looked mostly like Jay placed it perfectly in the five-hole area of the goalie. Still, I'm sure Jay would agree it was definitely all me. That goal would give us a 4-0 lead and made a great end to a great period played by me ... and the other Pirates.

The final period was much of the same: A whole slew of passing by the Pirates (and me), but with less goals. Kevin's goal resulted from his puck movement along the boards, when he took a slapshot from no angle and squeezed it through the goalie. I have thought long and hard about how I was the reason for this goal, and then I remembered that I was skating across the blueline towards the net drawing attention away from Kevin and giving him time to shoot. Great shot by Kevin ... better positioning and non-puck movement by (none other) than me! The final tally I don't remember. Timmy had it, but I'm sure I had something to do with it from the bench area.

While I'm on a roll here, I'd like to add some “revisions” to the Championship game newsletter last Wednesday. (For your reading ease I've made my revisions in yellow cap letters.)

• “The 1st period saw the Cannibals climb to a 2-1 (on a powerplay goal BY ME!) after we had drawn first blood on a Scott Miller shot.”

• But then, as seemed to happen all night, the Cannibals answered back to knot it at 3-3. OH YA, ALL ME!

• When #67 scored to make it 5-4 with around 5:00-minutes remaining, I was thinking this has to be it — but it wasn't. The Cannibals scored again to make it 5-5 and send the game to overtime. THAT ONE WAS ME TOO!

4. Did I mention Tony was on the Cannibals? Hmmm, guess I forgot. (DON'T YOU WORRY BIG GUY, I GOT YOUR BACK!)

In closing, I'd like to thank #67 for everything that I have learned from him and for making this experience so much easier. If it wasn't for you, I would have no inspiration at all! Even though it was all me that wrote it.

Attendance (players): Toscano, Serkin, LeMatty, Nicolosi, Farrell, Gucci, Hand, Farkas, McLaughlin, DiPierro. Net: Harris.
Scratches: none.
Scoring: 1st period: 4-0 Pirates: Goals by Farkas (LeMatty); Nicolosi (none); Serkin (Toscano); Toscano (none); 3rd period: 6-1 Pirates: Goals by McLaughlin (none); Hand (none).
date of game: 2.22.09

WON 6-1


For his swan song tally. (Ralz will be taking the Spring season off, but promises to be back for Summer.)

For (as Glenn himself would say) a “sweeeet” goal.

For giving-up just one goal (and he was obligated to do that due to the goalie union bylaws that specify if another goalie plays forward you have to let him score once).