(vol. 36S, no. 9; newsletter by a.t.)
editor's note: We are pleased to introduce a new writer to the newsletter line-up — Anthony Toscano makes his debut in this installment! Much of his newsletter (or Op-Ed piece) was crafted before the Wednesday team's Finals game against his Cannibals, so make sure you read to the end. Now, without further adieu ...
For a couple of years now, Harris has been asking me to do a newsletter for the page and I, lacking the writing and reporting skills of some of you paper guys, have refused him. But just this past week I was told to read the Wednesday Pirate newsletter of last week written by one of these “skilled” guys and decided that maybe I'm not so bad after all — how could I be worse?! So today I pop my cherry and spread my creative wings.

As for the details in Sunday's Playoff game the only thing I can remember is that I didn't really want to remember anything from that night. I can tell you we lost ... and badly ... that's where it ends.

So instead of talking about that game, I've decided to go in a completely different direction: I want to get back to that piece of %$@# reading that was brought to my attention from last Wednesday. It was long and drawn out, much like this one will be, but finished with this:

But you know what I hated most about the night? As I was walking into the rink that night I walked past Tony who said, “I hope you guys win” and then I passed Sean who said, “You really need to beat these guys.” These guys, who play for the No. 1-seeded Cannibals were just coming-off a “victory” (the Bruins showed-up with only four players) that propelled them into the Finals against the winner of our game. Maybe it's just me, but To ny might have well said, “These guys are better than you, and since we don't want to face them next week, I hope you guys win.” Well, like my grandfather used to always say, “Be careful what you wish for.”

I was taken aback by this. Why would a Pirate kill another Pirate in a newsletter? I mean, that NEVER happens. Well not to me at least until now.  I sent a reply to my “self serving” friend. What a load of shit to put up on the bulletin board to get the blood flowing. Using a fellow Coastal Pirate like that is wrong, inappropriate, nay, BUSH LEAGUE!  #67 misquoted and twisted my words around to make me look like an asshole. The full quote was, “I hate these freaken guys, I hope you guys win.”  After all, why in the world would I rather play the Pirates over the Buckshot? We beat the Buckshot both times this season, one of those games being a blowout with me personally having a trick in both games. On the other hand, we went 1-1 against the Pirates, the most recent being a loss. I think it's obvious (even for the dullest knife in the drawer like #67) that I would pick the Buckshot out of the two if all I cared about was winning.  Regardless of the outcome, I know it will be a good game and there won't be any extra BS in it (not including the Gucci, Thompson and Baio love triangle) and I hope that someone over there in the press room will right this wrong as well as set #67 straight!!

p.s. The Bruins did only show up with four, but they picked up Kurasz, who is a better player than anyone else who could of showed, so don't think our 9-3 win was THAT easy Newc!

As we all know, the Pirates beat my Cannibals on Wednesday in a 6-5 overtime win. It WAS a good game, but even though Russ put that winning goal in, I'd like to cast my meaningless MVP vote to #67. What?!?! you say ... yes, #67 did the most to help, mainly in the 1st period when he, like usual, fell on the floor, forcing the Pirates to play real defensemen in a three-man rotation and essentially eliminating the one chink in their defensive armor — even for just a little while! In all seriousness though, I was glad to see him back on the rink. I mean what opponent wouldn't be??  :)

Attendance (players): Toscano, Serkin, DiPierro, LeMatty, Nicolosi, Hand, Gucci, Farkas, McLaughlin, Farrell. Net: Harris.
Scratches: none.
Scoring: 1st period: 2-1 Team BC: Goal by LeMatty (none). 3rd period: 8-2 Team BC: Goal by Serkin (none).
date of game: 2.15.09

LOST 8-2


(none awarded)