(vol. 37S, no. 10; newsletter by a.t.)
Hello fellow pirates and beer league hockey warriors searching for renewed glory in a plastic, $40 “cup”! I'm back for one last newsletter, an encore, if you will, before I take my leave for the Summer season. Though I told Harris I would try and actually speak of the game, I must go back on that promise, as I have taken so long to write this letter that I've forgotten everything that happened three Sundays ago and wouldn't be able to do Harris or you justice. Instead, as usual, I will babble my way through this with no goal or purpose.

I do remember some things, such as we played the ... uhh ... ok, never mind, it'll be at the top of the page after Harris does his magic and posts this on the internet. They played valiantly though, I think, however, I can tell you there was a Currao-sighting at this game — and no, it wasn't Bob, it was the good Currao, his son Vincent! Somehow he passed the age detector at the front door and showed-up on my line. I have nothing but positive things to say about this Currao (mainly because he didn't hit me like some other Currao's I know), but this Currao was also the fastest skater on the rink and had some great moves, a great shot and, above all, looked to pass! A pleasant surprise to see a youth pass the puck — it usually takes them losing a couple steps before they learn that part. He almost reminds me of ... dare I say, myself! Yes, I said myself. It's my last newsletter and I'm gonna pat myself on that back and rip others to make myself feel better! (Don't worry #67, I haven't forgotten about you!)

But I digress ... Vincent ended up with three points, including a beautiful backhand shot that ended-up in the topshelf for a goal. It should get him his first official/unofficial “Silver Skull” as a future pirate. Hopefully I can still walk in 15 years to be able to play on the team with him (although his father may have some say in that after reading this newsletter).

Ok, moving on, I'd like to thank my fellow Pirates and the S.O.C. for voting me the Masterson Trophy, I'm sure it had something to do with the garbage I have littered the website with and I appreciate the honor. Congrats to all the other Trophy winners as well. It was a hard-fought season, one in which we should be proud of. I'd like to propose an addition to the Trophy collection handed out each year. Follow me if you will: One to be handed out to the player who falls more often than he skates, but still puts his heart and soul into it ... the guy who flails like a fish, but has mastered the game from the flat of his back ... that guy who may not be the most refined player, but can still do great things off the rink. I know you guys are thinking I'm gonna say #67 — and you're right, I am! I propose a Trophy dedicated to his “style” of play: The “A-for-Effort” award! I have created a Trophy in his image (sort of). Lemme know what you think!

So here is where I bid my farewell. I appreciate the chance to entertain and bring a new “perspective” to Sunday Pirates Hockey. If I offended anybody (and I know I have), it's all in good fun and I'm sure you will take it out on me at the rink. I will be following the Summer season as it goes and hopefully make an appearance or two as a sub. Good luck next season guys, See ya' in the Fall!

Attendance (players): Cassens, Farrell, Farkas, LeMatty, McLaughlin, Nicolosi, Toscano, Baio (sub), V. Currao (sub). Net: Jacobson.
Scratches: DiPierro, Gucci, Serkin.
Scoring: 1st period: 4-0 Pirates: Goals by Farrell (Toscano); Nicolosi (Currao); Toscano (Currao); Currao (Toscano). 3rd period: 6-2 Pirates: Goals by
Farkas (none); Wildman (Nicolosi).
date of game: 5.17.09

WON 6-2


For only 2 goals against and some terrific saves.

For some really great passing and goal in his debut. (We were gonna give Vincent the first Skull, but we figured he needed something to aspire to.)

For his solid “D” and the first goal of the night.