(vol. 37S, no. 9; newsletter by a.t.)
GoodSports ... Our final frontier. These are the voyages of the Coastal Pirates, its continuing mission to explore new ways to get out of the house, to seek out new beers and new ways of drinking them, to boldly piss off the refs as no one has done before.

Yes my friends, I am a Star Trek geek. In light of the new movie it seemed only appropriate I “out” myself right now in this newsletter. I have seen the movie already and loved it. I'm going to see it again on the IMAX screen because, yes, it was that good. I have no shame in my admittance — I am comfortable with my manliness (if that's a word? — I'm sure Harris will check me on it) and I have now come clean to you fine, wonderful people. Okay, now onto the game ...

Playoffs people, Playoffs vs. Team BC ... we lost 8-4. Though they took a lead, we came back and fought till the end. We trailed by only one after the break and, although BC was able to take a two-goal lead, we tied it up 3-3 briefly with about 14:00-minutes remaining. Unfortunately, that's when the proverbial saucer section separated, and BC regained the lead and never looked back. Technically we lost by two as BC put in two additional emptynet goals to finish the game. A classic case of Osa padding his stats! I mean, if they kept stats. In hindsight his hattrick might be a little payback for our recent picture portrayal of him and Dave on a frigate being raided by none other then our own Glenn Farkas in our previous newsletter. I'll have to ask!

Okay, enough of that crap ... back to the movie. If your a Trekkie (like some losers out there), you will like ... nay, love this movie! It has everything you need to keep you going from beginning to end. The casting was spot on, the script (for the most part) was good and they didn't overdo it with the CGI, like in some other space odyssey prequels I know of. As big of a loser as you (we) are, you will find a couple of things here and there that will annoy you, but small things, hence, shut up and enjoy it.

As far as you “normals” go, this is a great action movie! They made it pretty easy to watch, even if for some strange unknown reason that goes beyond me, you have not seen any Treks before. I highly recommend it to the average moviegoer.

Alas my fellow teammates and fans alike, I must bid my adieu for now. I am taking a leave of absence for the summer season. Though i will make any requested appearances as a sub, my normal suites and writings will be on hold until my return in the Fall.

In the immortal words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Season 5, Episode 9: “A Matter of Time,”), “A person's life, their future, hinges on each of a thousand choices. Living is making choices. Now you ask me to believe that if I make a choice other than the one found in your history books then your past will be altered! Well, perhaps I don't give a damn about your past. Because your past is my future and as far as I'm concerned, it hasn't been written yet.”

Attendance (players): Cassens, DiPierro, Farrell, Farkas, LeMatty, McLaughlin, Nicolosi, Toscano. Net: Harris.
Scratches: Gucci, Serkin.
Scoring: 1st period: 2-1 Team BC: Goal by McLaughlin (Toscano). 3rd period: 8-4 Team BC: Goals by Cassens (Toscano); LeMatty (none); Toscano (DiPierro), PPG.
stardate of game: 5.11.09

LOST 8-4


For his goal that tied it all up, however briefly.

For some nice hustle and nice goal.

For his points, but mostly for writing all these frakking newsletters (yes, I realize that's a Battlestar Galactica reference).