(vol. 38S, no. 3; newsletter by b.n. via j.n.)
editor's note: The following newsletter was dictated from #67 to his son Jake while he was driving.
Our game last Sunday was one of those 10 o'clock snooze fests against Team BC. Ok, this isn't really Brian — it's his son Jake and he's making me write this freaking newsletter.

He's explaining the game too fast for me to understand. He just mentioned something about Russ passing the puck or something. Honestly, I don't care about him passing the puck and I'm sure you guys reading this don't care either. Ok now he said something about Farkas getting a goal and some noob getting a goal. I really hope he prints this without reading it, he is gonna be pissed haha. He actually thinks I'm writing down what he's saying.

Are any of you guys having any parties this Summer? If you do and if you want some live entertainment you can hire my band to play. We charge 15 bucks after show. Look us up at

Haha he's telling me to write something about my brother's upcoming hockey tournament, but I don't care about that and I really doubt my brother's hockey playing affects any of you at all ... but my band could affect you, we could make any of your parties twice as fun and cool as before!

So yeah right now he's saying how Harris is terrible goalie and how he sucks. Whoops, he told me not to put that in, but I'm writing this on his phone and I don't know how to delete stuff. Haha, he just finished explaining the ending to me and said, “Do you got that?” Oh yeah Dad, I got that. So I've got to wrap this up. Umm so checkout my band. I swear we sound better live then in the video. Crap he just asked me to read it back to him. lol. I just told him I deleted it =.

Attendance (players): Cassens, DiPierro, Farkas, Irausquin, LeMatty, McLaughlin
, Newcomb, Nicolosi, Gesior (sub), R. Trochiano (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: Hand, Nicholson.
Scoring: 1st period: 3-2 Pirates: Goals by DiPierro (Trochiano), Farkas (Cassens), R. Trochiano (LeMatty). 3rd period: 8-4 Team BC: Goal by Nicolosi (LeMatty).
date of game: 6.21.09

LOST 8-4


For a goal in his first shift during his comeback game from a back injury. (Unfortunately Dan went down hard late in the period due to the same injury and never returned. He is slated to be back in our line-up on July 12.)

For his inaugural goal as a Pirate (and an assist).

For the goal (second in two games).