(vol. 38S, no. 6; newsletter by b.n.)
There is probably nothing worse than writing the newsletter a week later ... except for maybe writing the newsletter a week after the game which was proceeded by a visit to Monmouth Park. That in itself would not be an issue were it not for the fact that Monmouth Park were hosting “The Warped Tour” on this particular day, featuring lots of underage kids, loud music, and no beer. Well actually there was beer, but I didn't find the “beer garden” until late in the day (which, since I was planning on playing hockey, was probably a good thing).

So what could top all that? Having to write about it ... a week later ... from the beach ... with great waves for bodysurfing. To be perfectly honest, I played two games the following Monday and I don't remember anything from the previous, previous Sunday except for passing the puck to Rob for the first goal which (in the Brooks days) I would have made certain that I got an assist posted on the site for. But I am so beyond that now. I am more than satisfied going through life knowing that I am the only person that knows that I got that assist. I just wish I could remember something else ... like the final score ... or whether we won or not ...

Attendance (players): Cassens, DiPierro, Farkas, Hand, Irausquin
, LeMatty, Newcomb, Nicolosi, Trochiano (sub), R. Trochiano (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: McLaughlin, Nicholson (out for season).
Scoring: 1st period: 4-2 Chiefs: Goals by R. Trochiano (none); Hand (Nicolosi). 3rd period: 7-5 Chiefs: Goals by R. Trochiano (Farkas); Farkas (LeMatty); Nicolosi (LeMatty).
date of game: 7.19.09

LOST 7-5


For a sweet top-shelf goal.

For a couple more goals.
editor's note: It's come to our attention that during the post-game “meeting” Rob had an “incident” with his stick. The editor of the Pirate newsletter has learned from reliable sources that Rob was demonstrating “the amazing flex” of his $100 stick and snapped it. We actually didn't believe it until we asked Rob to sub for the Wednesday team and he cryptically messaged back “Can't. Broke my stick in parking lot.”