(vol. 38S, no. 7; newsletter by b.n.)
At the risk of going 2 newsletters down, I have rushed this one into production.

The top story was how Kevin, during his trip to the “Great White North,” gave away his Coastal Pirates jersey to a pretty hot girl. But then the story changed the following day, when Kevin turned-up for the Geriatrics game wearing said Pirate jersey. Apparently it wasn't his Pirate jersey, but was in fact his State Wars jersey that he gave away. Huh, I wonder what other portion of the story was exaggerated?

But back to the game ... The game started with some flukey plays, like the opening one with #67 on defense talking to Scotty the ref as the puck was dropped. You guessed it, goal by the Bulldogs ... and on that faceoff. The conversation continued and, you guessed it, another goal. Just like that the Pirates found themselves in an 0-2 hole. And it got worse as the period continued. Other than a lone goal by LeMatty (from Russ) the Bulldogs pretty much chewed-up the Pirates for a 4-1 lead after the 1st period.

LeMatty would score once again in the final period (from Tim) but the 'dogs would score as well to maintain a 3-goal lead and grab the 5-2 victory.

Attendance (players): Cassens, Hand, Irausquin, LeMatty, McLaughlin, Newcomb, Nicolosi, Farrell (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: DiPierro, Farkas, Nicholson (out for season).
Scoring: 1st period: 4-1 Bulldogs: Goal by LeMatty (Nicolosi). 3rd period: 5-2 Bulldogs: Goal by LeMatty (Hand).
date of game: 7.26.09


LOST 5-2


For both goals.