(vol. 38W, no. 4; newsletter by b.n.)
You know, Kevin told me he was going to write this newsletter. (Well actually I think we agreed that he would write the first half and then he would send it to me and I would write the second half, but that's not really the issue here). I guess “think” is the crucial word here: Obviously Kevin was clearly thinking something else, like “Man, I sure hope #67 just writes the damn newsletter” or “If I leave the meeting right now I still have time to make that Shark Tournament in South Jersey.” Or, more likely, “She-it, there ain't a shot in hell that I'm writing the newsletter.” And not that I can say I blame him. I hate writing the newsletter as well. But I am dedicated ... well maybe dedicated is not the right word ... maybe it's more like sucker. But that is OK, I can deal with it. I would have thought that Kevin would have been chomping at the bit to write the newsletter because one of his favorite opponents was on the other team, but I guess not ...

With that said, the Pirates squared-off against the “new look” Buckshot. I say “new look” for a number of reasons: First, they were sporting new orange jerseys (which on any given night would have forced the Pirates to wear white, but somebody on the S.O.C. elected to go black — which is fine if LeMatty is not playing, but for those of you that flip to the end where the attendance is displayed you can see that the colorblind one did in fact arrive but too late to force a change to white however); The other big change for the Buckshot was Rizzo — he's one of the biggest dudes I ever saw play hockey. Anyway, I noticed that when he skates by me, the floor no longer sags so I asked him and sure enough he lost 67 pounds (but he is still the biggest dude I have ever seen play hockey).

So with all the changes, maybe the Buckshot picked-up some crappy players and the Pirates could blow right by them? Hmmm, maybe not ... The Buckshot looked like their normal selves jumping to a 3-0 lead after just one period. The Pirates were able to battle back in the final period on goals by Scott Miller from a subbing Charlie Milo (this was some behind the net shot that I never saw, but apparently went in), and then from LeMatty (having recently returned from the penalty box) from Mathews. Later LeMatty had a couple of other exciting chances, but John Arena made some great saves. The Buckshot would add one more tally on a breakaway to make the final score 4-2.

After the game, #67 couldn't wait to tell his son Dave (aka #32) who was in attendance, how he OWNED Dave's ice hockey coach (#4 on the Buckshot) in the face-off circle. Dave's response, “It was obvious Dad, he was letting you win.” Bummer.

Attendance (players): Bissey, Cassens, Farrell, LeMatty, Matthews, McLaughlin, Miller, Milo (sub), Newcomb (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: Maccanico, Nicolosi, Trochiano (AWOL).
Scoring: 1st period: 3-0 Buckshot. 3rd period: 4-2 Buckshot: Goals by Miller (Milo); LeMatty (Matthews).
date of game: 7.01.09

LOST 4-2


For the point and the pulled-pork.

For the sweet breakaway goal and the new issue of Jersey ShoreLife that features a Pirate mermaid on the cover.

Smithwicks. 'Nuff said.