(vol. 40W, no. 7; newsletter a.t.)
“Lunch Lady” ... My definition of this term is an old women with one or more warts on her face, wearing a hairnet over her once in-style beehive hairdo serving grade Z food to unsuspecting kids at school. My memories of the Lunch Ladies sprinkled in with sporks and tater-tots had nothing to do with hockey... tho I recall some meatloaf dish tasting like a puck or frozen tape.

But on Sunday night the Lunch Ladies showed-up on GoodSports rink and showed us different ... I'm not sure if the old-time Pirates had Lunch Ladies in their time, but in this age they served us a disgusting loss ... You like that? It's a Lunch Lady analogy. Get it?

Anyways, I digress ... They took an early lead and finished the 1st period up by a goal. It was a rough final period though as we got outscored 4-2 and lost 6-3. Yes, I say we had 3 goals since the last goal by John at the buzzer was not counted by the refs. I disagree with that call and have decided to use my newsletter powers to re-write Pirate history and count it ... :)


Attendance (players): Cassens, Farkas, Gucci, LeMatty, McLaughlin, Newcomb, Nicolosi, Serkin, Baio (sub), Toscano (sub). Net: Barnett.
Scratches: DiPierro, Hand.
Scoring: 1st period: 2-1 Ladies: Goals by Toscano (Serkin). 3rd period: 6-2 Ladies: Goal by
Toscano (McLaughlin).
date of game: 1.17.10


The mysterious Roger Weiss was spotted recently. Tony Toscano recounts his harrowing experience: “I was just skating on the pond at Turkey Swamp Park with Joe (Lyden) and we noticed this guy skating with a wood Franklin stick and a Coastal Pirates jersey ... It was Roger Weiss. He says to say hi to all of you guys.”

LOST 6-2


He subs, scores (twice) ... and writes the newsletter to boot.