(vol. 41W, no. 7; newsletter by b.n.)
It's good it's not my job to write the newsletter ... Well i guess it is my job, but it's not like my real job that I would need to feed my kids. If it was they would be living in a cardboard box and eating Alpo. If it was my real job however, I could be getting some free help here since I have a bad case of writer's block. I could be getting counseling as part of the Universal Health Care Plan that would be in effect if, in fact, this was my real job. (editor's note: In fact, the Pirates do offer health coverage. Please visit for details)

It's all Scott Baldwin's fault by the way. He threw down the gauntlet the other night: After #67 stepped over the blueline and took the puck from Scott Miller and fired a shot from the right circle that rocketed-off the rear crossbar (THAT made the score 3-1 by the way) ... Anyway on the ensuing face-off Scott Baldwin muttered under his breath, “I can't wait to read the Coastal Pirate Newsletter, there will probably be two paragraphs dedicated to that goal.” Two Paragraphs? I can't live up to that type of pressure ...

Anyway, I hate to say it, but there were some amongst us that thought the Pirates had no business playing the Buckshot ... The Buckshot scored three quick goals and it had all the makings of a long night ... But then Harris started to stand on his head ... Then the aforementioned #67 scored. Then Dave Matthews, at the start of the final period, fired a shot that managed to squeeze through John Arena. After that? Not so sure. Somebody scored ... I think it might have been Ken, but then it might have been Marty — things got cloudy. (It was Kevin from Mike) There might have been another goal scored by the Buckshot ... Or maybe not ... And maybe the Pirates had not in fact scored yet. (They did score again to take the 4-3 lead with 2:30-minutes remaining) Either way, with somewhere around 1:30 to go, the Pirates were losing by one. With Harris pulled however, we managed to tie the game on a goal-line scramble from Scott Miller with help from KennyG, and send it to overtime.

The game ended in a tie ... But after surrendering those early goals, that one gets marked down as one of those “good ties.”

Attendance (players): Cassens, Farrell, Genalo, LeMatty, Maccanico, Matthews, McLaughlin, Miller, Newcomb, Nicolosi, Gucci (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: Lematty.
Scoring: 1st period: 3-1 Buckshot: Goal by Newcomb (Miller). 3rd period: 4-4 tie: Goals by Matthews (Genalo); McLaughlin (Farrell); Miller (Genalo). OT: 0-0 tie.
date of game: 4.07.10

TIE 4-4


For his goal and some possessed play on offense.

For getting us of the 3-0 hole with a beautifully placed tally.

For the sequence of save in the 12:00-minute mark of the final period.