(vol. 42S, no. 5; newsletter by h.s.)
The Cannibals handed us our first loss of the Sunday season four weeks back and since then we've only managed one win against the four other Sunday squads. Going into the second half of the season we found ourselves with a chance at some revenge, but this time without the benefit of three starters: Our Cap'n (who was in Saratoga on “business,” if you know what I mean); Scooby, was called in for real business at the last minute; and of course Gucci, who remains sidelined for at least another six weeks. We did have some quality subs though as Wednesday Pirates Joe Nigro and Ed Gesior were in attendance and able to bolster our defensive corps.

The 1st period was end-to-end action, but after a pair of goals by the Cannibals, the Pirates were able to settle things down late and half their lead on a goal by LeMatty.

At the end of the break as the Pirates were regrouping, Joe Nigro said to me: “Don't worry, we'll get a couple here.” He couldn't have been more right ...

Glenn would knot things up on his second breakaway chance of the night, but this time his aim was dead-on as he powered one in from his signature angle off to the far right. Then late in the period, #67 would give us the lead as he found the twine for his first goal of the Sunday league (assists from Ed and Glenn).

There was a tense 5:00-minutes left to be played but everyone rose to it, including killing-off two late penalties. Still trailing by one goal with a defensive face-off and :10-seconds on the clock, the Cannibals set-up a play, but Rud got the puck and (on his second attempt) cleared the puck the length of the ice to seal the deal in what I can only call a comeback nailbiter.

Now we have a week off and the return for a chance at .500 — against the No.1-ranked Lunch Ladies. Fun!

Attendance (players): Cassens, DiPierro, Farkas, Hand, Irausquin, LeMatty, Newcomb, Nigro, Gesior (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: Nicolosi, Southworth.
Injured Reserve: Gucci (season, bicep), Serkin (season, wrist).
Scoring: 1st period: 2-1 Cannibals: Goal by LeMatty (Farkas). 3rd period: 3-2 Pirates: Goals by Farkas (Newcomb); Newcomb (Gesior, Farkas), Delayed Penalty.
date of game: 7.18.10

WON 3-2


For 2 points, including the GWG.

For a pair of points.

He shoots, he scores!

Updated 7.27.10
Gucci figures he might get his knee done this Winter (not now as previously reported). That means that when he rejoins the Pirates full-time he will be completely bionic. He reports he gets out of the sling in another week and moves on to conditioning. He aims to be back for the Fall season in some form (subbing most likely). He did say that we're not to give up his spot — ever. “I'm coming back” were his exact word. He also proposed the idea of getting a Pirates tattoo, for the ultimate expression of membership to “La Familia.”