(vol. 42W, no. 2; newsletter by b.n.)
editor's note: #67 wrote this while driving to Washington, DC. When I responded to his email to ask if he was finished (since it ended kind of abruptly), he said “Make sure you put something in about the fact that there where more rostered Pirates standing behind the bench then sitting on it.” Then he wrote, “WHOAH! I almost side swiped a truck .... How the heck does Russ do this?!”
What the F@#$ ?

I don't know what happened last Wednesday ... in one of the most bizarre occurrences in recent Coastal Pirate memory ... it seemed like half the team was a no show. The Pirates have become somewhat accustomed to the late arrivals .. but last Wednesday took the cake. As game time approached, it appeared that the Pirates were going to take the rink with 6 skaters (just 1 sub!). And if that wasn't bad enough .... once the first five got on the rink ... they didn't want to come off. (Fortunately for all those present, Gucci took control of the situation and things were ironed out rather quickly).

Anyway ... where the heck was everyone? Even the SOC had no idea. Wildman? Apparently he sent out a last minute message that he would be running late. Russ? Unknown. Joe Baio was subbing for someone ... But where was everyone else? Fortunately Bob Currao was lurking around and was convinced to don the Pirate white. (Somebody on the Buckshot demanded to see the roster at that point ... but as everyone knows .. the Pirates have 40 guys on the roster .. so we were covered).

On the rink ... even though we were shorthanded ... (where was Dave Matthews by the way?) the Pirates were holding their own. There was some early excitement when #67 took a shot that John Arena could not handle and Baio buried the rebound ... but no ... the whistle had already blown ... The Buckshot did manage a goal or 2 before the reconstituted“Deuces Wild” line re-emerged: first it was #67 springing KennyG up the middle on a breakaway goal. AND THEN MIKE WALKED IN (I put the caps there on purpose for those who read last week's newsletter) — it was like déjà vu all over again. Is Mike on the roster ... what's the deal? Is he playing for another team? Hmmm ... no one seemed to know when he first appeared behind the bench. There was still plenty of time left in the game ... but no .. Mike didn't bring his equipment. The “Deuces Wild” would do it again, this time it was #67 going down the right wing ... fighting for the puck and feeding Kenny in the middle of the rink. Kenny would do the rest to make the game 3-2. AND THEN LEMATTY SHOWED. You can't make this stuff up ... At least he had a somewhat valid excuse ... he thought that the game was at 8pm. (Like the six emails, text messages to his phone, and constantly updated website were not enough.

Attendance (players): Genalo, Gucci, Newcomb, Nicolosi, Baio (sub), Currao (sub), Maccanico (sub), McLaughlin (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: Cassens, Farrell, Gesior, LeMatty (AWOL), Matthews (AWOL), Miller, Nicolosi.
Scoring: 1st period: 2-1 Buckshot: Goal by Genalo (Newcomb). 3rd period: 5-2 Buckshot: Goal by Genalo (Newcomb).
date of game: 5.26.10

LOST 5-2


For netting both our goals.

For assisting on both of the goals we had on the night and nearly killing himself while writing the newsletter.

For subbing for us so we had more than one person on the bench (and for recruiting son Vincent to play the final 6:00 minutes for us).