(vol. 44W, no. 2; newsletter by h.s.)
If Dave Matthews were playing on the squad this season then the perfect description of this game would be a divers' term — implosion.

For the second consecutive week the Pirates played Monday games (in the aptly-renamed “Wed-Mon League” on the GoodSports sites). Having a Monday game means once again no KennyG. Add to that that Russ was still on the IR and Joe Baio was caught in a train-commute-from-hell, and it means the Pirates are playing with a shortened bench. Fortunately Troch was recovered from his Sunday football outing with Marty and he jumped-in at the eleventh hour.

It was Kevin-Eddie-Gucci on defense and up front was somehwat of a free-for-all since players were in various states of readiness when they finally dropped the first puck. Although the Pirates scored the only goals of the 1st period (Gucci and Miller), the game had the same feel as the Finals we just lost. In other words, we were ahead but you could tell the other team had no intention of giving up.

Unfortunately we were the ones “giving up” (wait for the pun) as two costly turnovers within :33 seconds put the Bruins right back into this game just 5:00-minutes into the final period. Then, they scored from a defensive-zone face-off for the 3-2 lead and that's when Russ, who had shown up to say hello when it was 2-0 just a few minutes before, thought it best if he left. Same as the Finals the Pirates had lost a 2-0 lead, but this time we fought back — or rather Eddie fought back, as he bobbed-and-weaved up ice and put in a gritty wraparound on Casey to knot things up 3-3 late in the period.

Not that a tie is ever great, but getting the point out of this game against a team like the Bruins was looking better and better. Then, with just 1:00-minute remaining, the puck was frozen in our zone and the Bruins called a timeout. #67 recalled later that there was discussion on the bench of line-change, but they decided that they would just wait for the overtime (jinx!) to switch it up. Well that overtime never happened. The Bruins won the face-off but the Pirates were in offensive mode and the Bruins worked the puck unharassed to the side of the crease where their guy put in the gamewinner ... and thus completed our implosion.

Attendance (players): Cassens, Gesior, Gucci, LeMatty, McLaughlin, Maccanico, Miller, Newcomb, R.Trochiano (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: Genalo, Nicolosi.
Scoring: 1st period: 2-0 Pirates: Goals by Gucci (none); Miller (LeMatty). 3rd period: 5-2: Goal by Gesior (Harris).
date of game: 10.25.10

It took some time, but the Gallery is up. Re-live the “social event of the season” — Piratefest V! Special thanks to Julia Hand, Ryan Nicolosi and ShoreLife Magazine for contributing to the 55 photographs. Don't forget to click on each thumbnail to enlarge.

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LOST 5-2


For a great effort on a late goal.

For his first tally of the new season (and a couple of other close calls).

For getting to the game despite the commuting fiasco (the same one that Joe Baio was stuck in). Be sure to ask Wildman how he was bodychecked at the train station ...