(vol. 45W, no. 6; newsletter by h.s.)
Some games are going to be memorable. With five regular players out for a game against the unbeaten A-division team, this was going to be one of them whether we liked it or not. Although we did manage to plug three of the holes — getting the two Joes (Baio and Nigro) and Charlie Milo to sub —
we struck out on every other sub. That said, the most creative reason for not making the game goes to Marty who texted back that he couldn't play because broke his stick the other night and had none left; when I pressed him and asked if this would mean his retirement from hockey he said he was moving on to checkers. True Story.

Because of the lack of continuity with the normal Wednesday line-up, this was a bit of free-for-all in regards to the lines. Basically Gucci-Nigro-Gesior formed the defensive trio and everyone else played up, including blueliners Kevin and Baio. The game had a furious pace and although much of the rushes were against the Pirates, the teams were knotted 0-0 at the break.

It took another 8:00-minutes into the final period for the seal to broken as Rat Pack were able to send a low slapshot past a sprawling Eddie (and my right pad) from just inside the blueline. It was probably the first shot Eddie didn't stop (and he has the bruises to prove it). They say the biggest shift is the one following a score and Kevin didn't disappoint; on the next face-off he effortlessly stickhandled the puck past the Rat Pack center and spoiled Chris McIntyre's perfect game. Not long after it Kevin would score again and I think the Pirates were as stunned as the Rat Pack about the sudden change of fortunes. We fought off all the Rat Pack's offense until just over 3:40-minutes remained when Scott Miller lost his bid for a Lady Byng with a tripping penalty. The Rat Pack won the defensive-zone face-off, moved the puck to middle and shot through a sea of humanity to tie things up once again. Although we fought tenaciously the Pack would take the lead soon after and the great effort looked all for naught. With just about 1:00-minute remaining wee called a timeout; it was decided that I would come off the ice for Charlie on the next rush up ice. With :37-seconds I skated to the bench, but Charlie made an executive decision to put in Eddie. the puck went behind the boards where Nigro worked it out to Eddie on far side along the crease line, while Nigro and Scott Miller planted themselves in front hoping for a tip; Ed shot and miraculously no tip was needed — it somehow found the twine to tie things with :07.3 seconds on the clock.

No one scored in the overtime and it'll go on the standings as a tie. The tie that spoiled the perfect season for the Rat Pack. Do you believe in miracles?

Attendance (players): Gesior, Gucci, Matthews, McLaughlin, Miller, Baio (sub), Milo (sub), Nigro (sub). Net: Harris.
Scratches: Cassens, Genalo, LeMatty, Newcomb, Nicolosi.
Scoring: 1st period: 0-0 tie. 3rd period: 3-3 tie: Goals by McLaughlin (none); McLaughlin (Gucci); Gesior (Nigro). OT: none.
date of game: 2.16.11

We've all heard about the other Coastal Pirates — the rollerhockey guys in Namibia who share our Franchise name. I decided to reach out to them (thanks to Gucci who found their site recently). What follows is the response from Lee Roberts, of the Coastal Pirates ... Africa Chapter: “Hi there Harris from a coastal pirate on the other side of the world good hearing from you. As with you guys we also dominate the league this side and have a lot of players representing our country.This year they will be in Italy for the world championships and also there are others going to the NARCH championships in the USA. It would be wonderful if we could get you guys over here for our Major tournaments this year. The exchange rate is really good for you guys 9to1. We have teams competing from 8and under up to masters but our real competitive age group is our open team ...”

[ the other coastal pirates / visit their site ]
[ cool, but where is namibia? / click here ]

TIE 3-3


In my tenure I've rarely witnessed such a team effort: Joe Baio was tenacious up front and Charlie, Dave and Scott were skating like madmen. Gucci rallied the blueliners and Nigro was ... well Nigro. Kevin netted a pair and Ed was the hero with :07 left. We've only awarded Skulls to everyone once before in Pirate history — and I'm proud to say that this is worthy of doing the same.