If you think back-to-back Championships was the most amazing feat you've seen, then you'll see that put to shame with your first sip of Pirate Ale — the latest from Coastal Pirate Marketing, LLC.

This rich brew is an all-American India Pale Ale, made of the finest barley and grains available in Freehold, New Jersey. The robust flavor from the most-coveted German hops (pirated from transport vessels on the Rhine) finish this carefully-crafted amber malt.

Master brewmeisters John “I can still see so I'm not that drunk yet” Cassens (a.k.a. “Wildman”) and Roger “Hiccup” Weiss have created a velvety masterpiece that was painstakenly hand-bottled with the child labor of Roger's own kids — Laura and Alex.

If, after sampling our Pirate Ale, you don't agree it's the finest handcrafted beer you've ever tasted, then have five or six more and it'll get better.

Pirate Ale is attractively packaged in 22-ounce bottles with the distinctive “XXX” Coastal Pirate label. Our custom-manufactured elegant brown bottles (by Guttenglass of Munich Germany) feature an ultraviolet barrier to protect your beer from the harmful rays of the sun, and a newly-developed radiation barrier will protect your ale from up to 16,000 REM's of radiation — as produced by the parking lot lights at GoodSports USA.

( proper i.d. required )