After nearly a decade of wearing black, the Coastal Pirates have unveiled their “third” jersey (actually there is no second jersey, but since the pros all call it a third jersey we're going to do the same). This new look is printed by a method called sublimation, meaning that the entire design is imprinted directly into the fabric (this gives us a completely customized design as opposed to using a simple blank like most other teams have). The traditional Pirate skull-and-crossbones has been redesigned for this special “white” sweater, but for all you purists the original logo remains below each player's number on back. The “Who Dares Wins” motto runs across each shoulder and “Coastal Pirates” is printed around the collar and angled-up the jersey's back. Ace Sports — the preeminent maker of many European hockey league jerseys — is producing this alternate jersey and they'll be made of a high-quality mesh that is considered the “standard” for the sport.
(To view details and zoom in, tap on the image to download a PDF.)

( debuted 12.15.04 )