Lance may have won seven Tour de Frances, but when he's finished racing he has to hang out in some parking lot in Tuscany with a bunch of French people. We, however, get to hang out at the GoodSports parking lot in the good ol' U-S-of-A and argue over whether it was Lance or his brother Neil that walked on the moon. That's why we decided to make up these 100% rubber “Buccaneer Bracelets” — they'll allow for easy identification to make sure only official Pirate-sanctioned teammates and family members are dipping into the cooler after the big win (or loss). So while you're dodging Gucci and Bobby as they come wheeling around the corner, be sure to be sporting your black wristband with “Coastal Pirates” and the legendary Pirates logo carved into it. There's nothing better than jumping on the bandwagon, and no one does it better than Coastal Pirates™ Marketing!

( free — with $1 dollar, tax-deductible donation to the pirate “post-game meeting” fund )