Four years ago, Pirate blueliner and elder statesman Dave Matthews studied the art of wine making in the heart of wine country — Toms River, New Jersey. There at the Bacchus Winemaking Club he, along with his trophy-fiancée Tammi, produced Coastal Cabernet. To create the official wine for the Pirates team, Dave discriminatingly chose the most readily-available grapes at the Club. His resulting wine is the “Jewel” of New Jersey's Bordeaux region. It is complex yet simple, full-bodied yet light, fruity yet not-really-fruity, with undertones of pepper and overtones of salt. I'd go so far as to describe this amazing Red as “austerely tannin,” but I don't know what that means since I just copied and pasted it from some wine website. Best of all, this Vintage 2003 wine is now ready for release and may be enjoyed at its peak.
Update: We've just been informed that Dave did “extensive sampling” of the cask back in 2003 and finished-off nearly all the stock. We originally planned to offer this wine for only $12/bottle, but due to extremely limited supplies (namely the one bottle we've shown here) we're going to have to adjust its retail price slightly.

( $275 per bottle )