On a sunny September Saturday the fifth annual PirateFest was held and one of the last great American trademarks was “honored” (Dave Matthews, our corporate attorney, suggested this wording). Now you can own the event t-shirt, limited to just 35 pieces and a vanilla sheet cake. This iconic piece of 100%-cotton-history is emblazoned with the date of when 50 Pirate-related folks converged on the McLaughlin beach house in Point Pleasant Beach for a bash that lasted into the morning of the 28th. So show your friends that we don't just hang out in hockey rink parking lots, but we can get ourselves invited to nice places — and then even be asked back five years later! Don't delay: “Enjoy the Real Thing” before they are sold out or claimed by the Feds.

( $8 — proceeds will go to the “Save the Slushie” foundation )