For the record this was Gucci's idea. He was the one who said medium-weight, hooded sweatshirts were the way to go to commemorate the Pirates' Wednesday League Title (number 27 but who's keeping track?). Well, truth be told, our favorite Escalade-driving, campground-owning defenseman seems to have nailed it, since the Pirate “Boss Hoody” is the most popular thing since Dave Matthews was offering free chiropractic advice at a post-game “meeting.” So popular, in fact, that even New Jersey's favorite son (not Marty, but Bruce) was spotted wearing one recently. Maybe it was the softspoken logo on the chest that he liked ... or maybe it was the subtle “CPH” on the sleeve. I'm betting it was that Scott LeMatty offered him a good deal on ad space in the ShoreLife if he bought one.

( $30* / click here to order )

*We mis-budgeted for this item, so if you got one for $15 (or free, as a member of the Championship squad) you made out. Yep, for fifteen bucks you can look, but you better not touch.