HEIGHT: 5’11”
BORN: Englewood, New Jersey
LIVES: Belmar, New Jersey
ACQUIRED: Free agent (1997)
BIO: Known for his quiet and accommodating demeanor, Nicolosi has assumed the role of Captain of the Pirates. His occasional end-to-end rushes are only outshined by his demonstrative arguments with referees. His most important contribution to the team has been “Coach Ryan” who coined the phrase “are we having a meeting” for the after game parking lot events. It is rumored that only Eric Lindros has taken more shots to the head in recent years,explaining the periodic fits of rage that end up in multiple penalty games. Being reunited with High School buddies John and Tim and College acquaintance Roger has only made the pain of numerous team losses even worse.
MOST INFLUENCED BY: Wayne Gretzky, Nick Fotiu, John Davidson
QUOTE: “We didn’t quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor... who’s with me!”