“Who Dares Wins” is the official team slogan of the Coastal Pirates. But what's not as well known is that our alternate saying is “We may not always win, but at least we can look good out there.” With that in mind we are pleased to unveil the custom-designed Coastal Pirate hockey pant. Produced by Ace Sports, these durable inline pants feature sublimated team logos all over the friggin' place. Although Gucci's idea of plastering “Pirate Booty” across the butt might have been rejected, we do have a nice promo to our website on the rear. As if that wasn't enough, these pants are designed in our team colors (note: If you see green, please consult your physican immediately) and are personalized with each player's number. So whether you're flailing on the ground like #67, or hitting Harris in the head with a puck during warm-ups like Glenn, or giving massages in the parking lot like ---- (name withheld), these are a must-have for your hockey ensemble. Best of all, these pants are 100% “GoodSports Ref Approved” (both Brian Schlueter and Victor Masino bought pairs) ... So next time you're screaming at the refs be sure to thank'em for their patronage.

( $70* / click here to order )

*Pirate teammates:
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