A “Mercy,” in case you're new to our site, is a game that is ended prematurely due to an 8-goal margin. That said, the Coastal Pirates franchise had more “Mercys” during 2007 than ever before! Unfortunately, we were on both the winning and losing ends of those games during the Summer seasons. Either way, it makes you thirsty ... and what better way to quench that game-ending thirst than with a beverage from the new Coastal Pirate water bottle — version2.1. You probably thought we couldn't improve on the original water bottle (version1.1), but you'd be wrong. This container is 100% plastic — and it's black. Proudly imprinted on the front is the classic Coastal Pirate© logo, while the back has room for you to scrawl your name so you don't pick up any communicable diseases from your teammates.

( only $5 / click here to order )