SHOOTS: Often, but not always on target
HEIGHT: Not as big as he thinks he is
WEIGHT: Throws it around too frequently
BORN: The famous Province of Elizabeth, Canada
LIVES: Jackson (but he's not accepting guests)
ACQUIRED: Via Trade (for a bag of pucks)
BIO: Played hockey from the age of seven through sixteen, then restarted again at thirty. Jimmy is an adequate finisher, but not the most skilled skater — fortunately, his beautiful daughter and wife have not inherited this lack of gracefulness. Linemates refer to him as the “ultimate teamate” — just as long as he's on someone else's team. Retired 10.11.06. (Click on his photo to read retirement letter.)
MOST INFLUENCED BY: His NHL cousin, Ray Ferraro.
QUOTE: "To the Coastal Pirates winning The Cup ... and to women!"