(vol. 27W, no. 4; newsletter by b.n.)
Nobody wants to read this newsletter.

Perhaps Brooks said it best when he said the newsletter is as follows:

“Nothing. Nothing happened. Everybody sucked. Nuke sucked. The Miller Brothers sucked. Gucci sucked. Jimmy sucked. The goalie sucked. Scooby sucked. and even Mike sucked.”

And what about Bob? You might wonder.

“Oh, I played alright, I just couldn't hit the net ...”
date of game: 10.11.06

editor's note: It seems like it was only 2 years ago (May 5, 2005 to be exact) that Jimmy retired from the Pirates. But just like Gordie Howe and the Rolling Stones, we were able to woo him out of retirement for a comeback this past Wednesday season. As it turns out his return was short lived; after sustaining another injury last week he sent this note to the S.O.C.

Due to ongoing sever back ailments, I am left with no other choice but to re-retire. Not sure about the word but you get the drift.

Coastal Pirates family:
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity of allowing me back into to Pirate family. I have aged so much while I have been with this organization. I have come to think of you as fellow hellraisers. We have been through many challenges together and these have made us alcoholics. I recall when we were the laughing stock of the league and how we all stuck together to make that statement a reality. When I look back on my time with this organization it is with a dose of my anti-depressants. Thank you to each of you for making my time here a refuge from my wife. In memory of Cory Lidle, I am taking up small plane flying in my retirement. I wish you all happy memories.

James Ferraro #23


LOST 2-0


(none awarded)