(vol. 32S, no. 3; newsletter by d.c.)

(AP) Wall, NJ – Doug Collimore, filling-in for the Pirates in net, has crossed the Newsletter Writer's Guild picket line and written this report about Sunday's outing against the St. Pats.

Here is Doug's first-hand account of the game:
As usual, Doug had his typical conversation with Craig, a new defenseman who he has never played with: “2-on-1 take the trailer and if you can’t block the shot, get the F$%#@CK out of the way.” Craig is a big guy. Ten seconds into the game, he couldn’t get out of the way and Doug never saw the shot. 1-0 St. Pats. Second goal was a fast break that just snuck by. 2-0 St. Pats. Goal three was a 3-on-1 that Doug had no chance on. 3-0 St. Pats. The St. Pats were fast and flying. There were more than two guys that could shoot well and, well, we looked confused. After tallying a Pirate goal (LeMatty unassisted) to make it 3-1, the St. Pats scored another when one of our defensemen made a stop and the puck got caught in his skate. It dragged backwards toward the goal, and Collimore tried to poke it away with his stick only to lose the race to the St. Pats' offense — they clipped the puck and it slid over Doug’s stick and through his pads for goal number four.

After halftime, another Pirate goal made it 4-2 (LeMatty, assist Brooks) and it looked like we woke up. The final period period started strong. Collimore made a couple of key breakaway saves to fire up the Pirate offense and they tallied another goal (Brooks unassisted) closing the gap to 4-3. Pinching and trying to get the tie, another “I Can’t See SH$%#T” screen by two Pirates made it impossible to stop the puck and it was quickly 5-3. The Pirates don’t give up, though, and we peppered the St. Pats' goalie the rest of the game ... but came up short.

Take away the two screens — defensemen have to learn to get out of the way and let the goalie do his job — and it could have easily been a win for the Pirates.

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The scene on the picket line was heated as two members of the Newsletter Writers' Guild protested the posting of this newsletter and the S.O.C. sanctions against them.

date of game: 12.30.07

LOST 5-3


For his 2 goals and “skating his butt off.”